Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When I prepare files for you, what format should they be in?

If you can please have your files rendered at 24 bit 48K, from 0.00 – end of track, as well as making sure there are NO compressors / limiters / EQ processing on the master buss. We want to have dynamic and rich full music with headroom to allow us then to process through various pieces of outboard gear and digital post processing.


What are your hours of operation?

We work Monday-Friday in normal business hours, on the EST timezone. We work diligently and sometimes through weekends though that is the exception rather than the rule. You should plan your projects well enough in advance that we have adequate time to do the job properly, and not rush the art project.


What are your payment methods?

Currently we accept wire transfer for any international clients outside of Canada, E-Transfer for Canadian clients, Certified Cheque, and Paypal. The client is expected to pay for any and all cost associated with the wire or the bank fees associated with the transfer. Payment is to be paid in full prior to project commencement and only upon the necessary production paperwork and invoice to be signed.


Do you offer internships?

We do not offer internship positions. This is a privately run boutique studio house, though we always love to hear great new music. Feel free to send us your demos and music as private Soundcloud links or Wetransfer download links, and fill out the Contact form on this website with all of your details. We have many clients who are constantly wanting to work collaboratively with other artists, and we are happy to be the liaisons for creative partnerships.