Production Services

There are many circumstances where an artist needs to have the professional experience and expertise of a writer, producer, and engineer to take their vision and turn it into a reality. At Alpine Mastering, we offer a specialized, tailored service which enables the client to have their musical requests completely fulfilled. We have a team of award winning and critically acclaimed producers that have a wide range of genre specific skill sets.

Ranging from commercial pop to underground techno, to orchestral scores to big festival style house records to piano and string transposing / score writing services to trap / hip hop records, we can honestly say that we cover it all and well. We have a team of over 12 writers who each specialize in a certain genre and stylistic headspace, and our writers have won and been nominated at the Grammy Awards, multiple Juno Awards, have accomplished Billboard Chart Canada / America / Europe success, DMC Chart success, iTunes & Beatport Top Overall Chart success, have been signed & published to major record labels, and have taught at prestigious universities. Furthermore, all of our ghost writers have had the support of the worlds top DJs and have racked up millions in digital sales and hundreds of millions of views on social networking sites alone with respect to their music.

Our production writing department has been extremely successful with our clients who need expert engineering and musical production and our tailor made approach to creating records for clients has made us a global industry leader in the production writing market. We aim to deliver incredible music before polishing it off with our bespoke mastering service. You can think of us in a way as your personal engineers and session musicians. To be clear, we are with you from the inception of the record to the final stages of mixing and mastering it. Everything that falls under the Alpine umbrella is of the highest quality and service, and we are dedicated to developing your artistic career into the international market. Much more detailed information concerning the production writing process can be obtained by simply filling in the contact form with details about what kind of project you are looking for. There are so many variables in making a record and we will always be there from the inception of the record to the final stages of mastering it. Lastly, it is important to note that we sign confidentiality agreements with each one of our clients to ensure the utmost of privacy. This is your record and/or album and it is to be treated as such.