The Studio

Alpine Mastering offers cutting edge digital and analog processors to compose, produce, and mix and master your material. A methodically planned approach was made at the inception of the company to have a mixture of classic analog gear juxtaposed with more unique, forward thinking technology. The end result is that our signal chain is a colourful mixture of rich and vivacious tones, designed to give your record body, clarity, and depth.

Glenn Morrison, has radically changed his room environment in 2016, with the Alpine Mastering studio getting a full acoustic renovation through the internationally renowned acoustician Terry Medwedyk at Group One Acoustics. The room detail work is exquisite, with imported wall fabrics to give a certain warmth to the room sound, and hundreds of hours of custom millwork and build design.  Glenn Morrison has handpicked individual pieces of high end studio equipment that bring a unique palette of characteristics to the taste of music and its seemingly limitless potential for sound quality and timbre. The gear has been scrupulously maintained and our gear is of the finest quality, and of the most cutting edge technology. We understand that knowledge, experience, and a proven track record is important when it comes to the decision of investing/working with Alpine Mastering, and that is why our engineers, producers, and acousticians have accumulated multiple degrees and prestigious awards in the global music community. We have an acute sense of the stylistic overtones that suit each approach to a project and we all have an internationally renowned pedigree to prove it.

We pride ourselves on our equipment and experience. Alpine Mastering combines the skill of internationally celebrated producers with that of a hybrid gear list. Our creative track record in conjunction with our studio equipment and setup/room environment equals incredible results. From the minimally intense process of mastering a pre-master wav, to an incredibly detailed and complex approach of a full stem mixdown and mastering job, to an even more detailed approach of a fully tailored record written expressly for you to suit your stylistic taste and career.  

Alpine Mastering can suit every need and approach to truly take you to the next level of artistic professionalism. Whether you are an aspiring pop artist, an established touring DJ, or a brilliant vocalist who needs forward thinking instrumentals to carry your voice, we are there for you. We are capable of recording up to a 60 piece orchestra if you should so desire.  We have a rolodex of jazz session musicians, rock and roll guitarists, funked out bass guitarists, and tons of other various session musicians if you need anything of this nature.  We also have a massive library of male and female vocalists if you need any specific type of vocal treatment or recording work.

Below is our gear list. As it is ever changing, please acknowledge that we are constantly expanding it to creatively push our possibilities:

Studio Gear List 2017

Manley Massive Passive Mastering EQ
Thermionic Culture Phoenix Limited Release Red Face Mastering Edition
Shadow Hills Industries Mastering Compressor
Shadow Hills Industries The Equinox
Rupert Neve Portico II Master Buss Processor
Elysia Alpha Compressor
Airfield Audio Liminator 2
Eventide Eclipse
Bricaste M7 Stereo Plate Reverb V2 Edition
Dangerous Music Master
Weiss DS1 MK3
Chandler TG2 Abbey Road Special Edition
Prism Orpheus
Antelope Orion 32
Empirical Labs EL8X Distressors Stereo Pair w/ British Mode & Image Link
Chandler TG1 Zener Limiter Abbey Road Edition

Monitoring System:

Barefoot MM 27’s

We are proud and humbled to say that we are also sponsored by some of the finest audio companies in the world:

Best Service (Germany)
D17 Group
EastWest / Quantum Leap
Native Instruments
Slate Pro Audio / Slate Digital
Zero G