Mastering requires an entirely different “ head ” than mixing. Having spent years quietly learning the magical production approaches of Rick Rubin, Frank Zappa, and David Geffen, Alpine founder Glenn Morrison has practiced an expressive, thoughtful and balanced approach to mastering records. Every action affects everything. Even touching the low bass affects the perception of the extreme highs.

Mastering is the art of compromise; knowing what’s possible and impossible, and making decisions about what’s most important in the music.

Furthermore, it is what I call the final ‘ icing on the cake ‘, where you have the substance of the record already made with all of the trimmings (aka the mixdown) properly taken care of. The final sheen of the mastering work provides you with that depth, dimension, and vivacity that is needed to elevate your music in a professionally artistic way.

The services I offer at Alpine Mastering are of a bespoke nature and it is a completely boutique service. Please feel free to read the various production, mixing, and mastering package options that I offer.

Depending on how invasive you would like me to go, I offer everything from a full stem mixdown and master, all the way to a group stem mixdown and master, to finally, a premaster wav mixdown to master.

We have one very recent development in our studio – a rare Neve console desk that has been meticulously maintained and custom modified. It sounds incredible and this is an optional add on service if you desire. Take a look at the various package options, digest which you feel may best fit your situation, and fill out the contact form with your details on the project brief (ie. how many tracks you are looking to get made, which package option you are interested in purchasing, your personal deadlines for submission, any other notes you want us to know about etc.).

I pride myself on my customer service and I am very diligent with emails and communication, so rest assured you can expect to hear from me on even the tightest of deadlines. Important to note we are open for business on Monday – Friday and time quotes given are based on business day cycles.

Any questions and comments are welcome, please feel free to reach out and I will look forward to speaking with you about your creative projects and work.