Mastering Mondays

Hi everyone,

Mastering Mondays was borne out of my idea to help me give back to the international music community. I am forever grateful for everyone’s constant support (fans and industry people alike) and Alpine Mastering would’ve never been built without all of you believing in me and in what I do as a composer, musician, and producer.

I have tried to simplify the rules of this contest so as not to confuse everyone with a plethora of rules and conditions.

That being said, the rules below are strict and must be adhered to in order to qualify. I’m always open-minded to new and engaging ideas with my clients, so if you have ideas to better the contest please feel free to fill out the contact form and send me your thoughts – I would love to hear them.

The details for the Mastering Monday contest are very simple and it works as follows:

Each Monday when I am in the studio and not away on tour we will pick one random winner who has submitted their details through the Contact page on this Alpine Mastering website. As I said before, it is my way of giving back to the international community to thank all of you for the continued support in allowing me to do what I love for a living.

The rules are easy and as follows:

1) Once the random winner has been chosen by us, they will be contacted by email. They will then have 48 hours to send one (1) premaster track in to be mastered at Alpine Mastering. The track must be in 24 bit wav, at 48000 Hz, with around -4db to -6db of headroom, and no maximizers/limiters/compressors on the master buss.

2) The submission form must be filled out in full detail.

3) The contest is only valid if I am in the studio on any given Monday. If I am away on tour or not in the studio the contest does not apply for that week. I will always announce the contest when I am in the studio and it is a Mastering Mondays submission day. You can find out where I post this news on my social networking channels.  All of my social media links are on this website in the FAQ section.

4) You are free to submit on ANY day of the week at ANY time. Your name has a greater chance of being picked if you keep trying to win, so don’t get discouraged. If you are diligent and repeatedly sending your Contact details for submission to the Mastering Mondays contest, the law of percentages will hopefully work out in your favour.

I hope you all enjoy this friendly and fun contest, and good luck with Mastering Mondays!